Source: Joe Hoft

Liz Harrington, Chief spokeswoman for President Trump, released a Twitter thread where she highlights points in former Georgia Senator David Perdue’s case against Fulton County Georgia’s 2020 Election leadership.  

Former Senator David Perdue filed a case on Thursday against Fulton County Georgia election leaders.  Here is the entire filing:

Liz Harrington addressed key points in the filing. Clearly fraudulent absentee ballots were counted.

Harrington then addresses employment company Happy Faces and their activities during the election. We noted these yesterday as well.

Harrington shared the same observations.

Some fraudulent ballots didn’t have any creases indicating they had never been mailed out or returned via the mail.

The County was responsible for the hiring of individuals involved in the train wreck of an election in the county.

Petitioners show that at least 36 batches were scanned and tabulated multiple times (this is not good news for Ruby and her daughter who are claiming they did nothing wrong in their suit with the Gateway Pundit).

There were thousands of ballots scanned multiple times.

They counted batches of ballots multiple times between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM with no poll watchers present “all of which violated Georgia law”. (More bad news for Ruby.)

What a mess the election in Fulton County Georgia was due to the actions of some very bad people.