Source: JD Rucker

I’m old enough to remember a time when a professional, college or even high school athlete collapsing on the field would be major news. Depending on the name recognition of the athlete, stories would range from local to statewide to national. If it happened in other countries, their media would cover it thoroughly because even though athletes don’t make as much money abroad as they do in the United States, they are more often considered to be local heroes deserving of recognition.

Now, ask your nearest friend or family member how many athletes are known to have collapsed this year with cardiac arrests or other major ailments. We won’t even include standard sicknesses, just those that are potentially attributed to the Covid-19 vaccines such as myocarditis, blood clots, or neuropathy. Ask yourself the same question. In a normal year, we see anywhere from 30-70 such oddities among extremely healthy young athletes. How many have there been in 2021?

If you guessed anywhere under 300, you’d be wrong.

How many of these resulted in deaths? Similar to what I mentioned earlier, the death of an athlete due to heart attacks or other conditions not normally associated with young athletes always made the news in the past. There would be years when there were fewer than 10 reports that matched this criterion. In 2021, there have been 176 such deaths.

Please tell me I have your attention now.

Unfortunately, where I can’t seem to get anyone’s attention is in the realm of corporate media. They’re not just sitting on the story. They’re burning it with fire and pretending like it never existed. They act as if it’s some anti-vaxx conspiracy theory, but there is nothing theoretical about it among the families of the fallen. They know that their loved ones died “inexplicably” shortly after getting jabbed. Most have been so indoctrinated by the mainstream narrative and so adamantly assured by Big-Pharma-owned doctors that they likely won’t acknowledge that it could be the vaccines that caused it.

Numbers don’t lie. They can be tortured to say something false, but the raw data is immutable. That raw data tells us that since we entered the Covid-19 vaccine era earlier this year, incidents of collapsing and dying athletes have skyrocketed. Here’s a chart from Good Sciencing showing the spikes this year. I wish I could put together a chart showing previous years as well. It would be low and flat in 2020 due to Covid lockdowns, but even prior to the pandemic such incidents were so rare it would demonstrate a stark difference from 2021.

Athletes Collapsing 2021

Mainstream media is complicit in this. There is a reason journalists, even good ones, have not looked at this bombshell. Doing so would put their careers at risk just as questioning anything about Pandemic Panic Theater would. They ignore what would be the biggest story of the year because they know it would be their last and likely would never make it to their broadcast, magazine, or newspaper.

According to Martin Armstrong at Armstrong Economics:

At the pinnacle of health, athletes seem to have an edge over the rest of society. Their grueling workout and nutrition programs, mixed with natural genetic athleticism, put them ahead of others in the natural immunity category. So why are young athletes suddenly collapsing and/or dying from heart complications?

The sports world has mostly mandated vaccines and athletes have been forced to either abandon their careers or get the job. Since the COVID vaccines became available, nearly 300 athletes have experienced cardiac arrest and over 167 have died. Something is wrong.

The American Journal of Roentgenology published an article on cases of myocarditis (i.e., heart inflammation) among athletes who received the vaccination. Dr. Lydia Chelala of the University of Chicago Medicine and her team acknowledged that heart issues “in adolescents and young adults after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination have [been reported].” Since diagnosing myocarditis is largely based on patients displaying symptoms, the ailment can be harder to detect in otherwise healthy young adults. “A study in young athletes with confirmed COVID-19 showed that a substantial proportion of individuals had subclinical myocarditis on screening cardiac MRI,” they noted. “Subclinical myocarditis may also be possible after COVID-19 vaccination … To better understand a possible association, the CDC has encouraged further investigation of myocarditis following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination,” the study stated.

Without going so far as to suggest requiring MRI scans after vaccination (a very expensive option in the US), the researchers urged healthcare providers to “recognize the role of cardiac MRI in the assessment of patients with suspected myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination.”

What Armstrong is seeking is a way to demonstrate that this phenomenon is not random and the drastic increases in incidents is directly tied to the Covid-19 vaccines. It’s a reasonable request, but it may be time to push much further. The data seems crystal clear despite radio silence from media and the healthcare industry. The vaccines need to be stopped for anyone who is not at risk, namely anyone under 60 who is not immunocompromised and does not have major preexisting heart or lung disease.

I’d say the vaccines need to be stopped altogether as we put a focus on diagnosing the disease quickly so effective early treatments can be administered, but since the jabs seem to be semi-effective as a treatment even if they don’t stop the disease from spreading, I’ll stay focused on stopping them for the young and healthy.

Instead of stopping the injections as we should, what we’re seeing across the globe is an anti-scientific push to jab children. Lest we forget, anyone under the age of 20 has an infinitesimal risk from Covid-19. Why are the powers that be obsessed with injecting them? That’s a question in which the answer is fodder for more experienced conspiracy theorists, but I know with certainty that it makes no medical sense to do so.

My initial intention was to call out individual journalists by name. I decided against it as I wrote this article because I want to leave it up to readers to decide which journalists they believe would be best to investigate all of this further. If I had the resources and the reach I would do it myself, but it will take someone with corporate backing who has a team that can help gather information from athletes, families of athletes who died, and the doctors involved. That’s a project that, while clearly Pulitzer-worthy if society wasn’t upside down, would require resources and time I simply do not have. So I leave it to you, dear readers, to send this information to your favorite corporate journalists who may be willing to stick their necks out for the sake of the truth.

Here’s a head start for anyone who’s willing to take on the project. Good Sciencing compiled the list of over 300 incidents that appear to be major Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions among athletes. It’s a great starting point for someone to dig through and start putting together the biggest story of the year.

Even if we can’t get corporate media to discuss it, we can spread the word within our own channels. Alerting people to the risks of the jabs has become dangerous, but it’s a necessary and righteous action. If we’re not willing to step up, nobody else is going to do it, either.