Source: Alicia Powe

Civil unrest in France is escalating into a street war between law enforcement officers and civilians as residents in the European Union protest the government’s sweeping COVID mandates.

Footage of a protest in France over the weekend showed riot police in a violent stand-off against protesters.

Protesters are seen surging through clouds of tear gas and flash grenade explosions towards the police.

At one point, police are seen huddling together, using their shield to fend off the rioters, but the crowd surges forward, beating the law enforcement officials down with sticks and rods.

In France, COVID-19 health passes are required to enter all restaurants, hospitals, bars, cafes, public transportation and a growing number of events and venues.

Approximately 90 percent of the French population have received one dose of the COVID vaccine.

But the rate of COVID infections is on the rise in the country.

“France has registered a daily average of more than 44,000 new cases over the last week, a 36% increase from the previous week, according to the latest government figures. Weekly hospitalizations of people with COVID-19 went up 1,120, a 41% rise,” the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

Clearly, the vaccine does not provide immunity against the coronavirus, but the inefficacy is not stopping the government from accelerating its effort for booster shots.