Source: David Ng

Former General Hospital actor Ingo Rademacher is suing ABC over its COVID-19 vaccination requirement, alleging the Disney-owned network unlawfully terminated him and engaged in religious discrimination by rejecting his request for an exemption.

Ingo Rademacher, who played Jasper “Jax” Jacks for more than two decades on the daytime soap opera, claimed he formally requested a vaccine exemption from ABC in email to the human resources department in which he laid out his religious argument, according to his lawsuit filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court.

“I am entitled to a religious exemption against mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 on the basis of my deeply and sincerely held moral belief that my body is endowed by my creator with natural processes to protect me and that its natural integrity cannot ethically be violated by the administration of artificially created copies of genetic material, foreign to nature and experimental,” Rademacher wrote in the email dated October 11.

Rademacher then had an interview with an HR lawyer, which he alleged was like a “cross-examination” designed to “elicit information that ABC could use to deny the request for an exemption.”

The lawsuit implies that ABC raised doubts about the sincerity of Rademacher’s religious beliefs as a way to reject the actor’s request. It also alleged ABC has granted vaccine exemptions in the past.

“Having chosen to recognize some exemptions, ABC must recognize any good faith request for an exemption,” the complaint states.

The actor also argues that the network’s mandate violated his right to medical privacy. In addition to unspecified damages, he is asking the court to declare ABC’s vaccine mandate as unconstitutional.

As Breitbart News reported, Rademacher departed General Hospital in November for not complying with the production’s COVID vaccine mandate. His departure came after some co-stars launched a smear campaign against him, complaining that he shared a social media post referring to transgender Biden administration official Rachel Levine as a “dude.”

Another General Hospital star, Steve Burton, confirmed last month that he had been fired from the ABC soap opera after refusing to comply with the vaccine policy.