Source: JD Rucker

Let’s acknowledge up front that Don Lemon is a radical leftist, a Democrat Party “news” operative, and a credibly accused sexual predator. It’s important to set the stage because he is quoted below making anti-Constitutional statements by calling for suppression of press that doesn’t match his hateful worldview.

Independent journalists Glenn Greenwald and Tom Elliott called out Lemon’s latest hypocrisy. Elliott posted a clip of Lemon wondering why Fox News is even allowed in the White House press briefings, then Greenwald reminded them about how enraged CNN and Lemon were when Jim Acosta was suspended from the White House.

“CNN threw a gigantic hissy fit when the Trump WH revoked the press credentials of @Acosta for a few days on the ground that he is a liar. They acted as if he were getting the Assange treatment. Now Don Lemon is explicitly advocating Fox be banned completely from WH Briefings.”

t always seems to be CNN calling for other networks to be banned. Even MSNBC has enough journalistic integrity to avoid blatant attacks on the 1st Amendment. Perhaps this is why rumors are circulating that Lemon is at the top of the chopping block list.