Source: ZeroHedge

Have you missed out on the days when there were huge amounts of downvotes on videos posted by the Biden administration? The ratio of upvotes to downvotes was so embarrassing for the administration that, for whatever reason, YouTube announced on Nov. 11 that it would hide “dislikes” to curb “creator harassment.” 

Anyone using Google Chrome can now install a plugin to return YouTube dislikes. The plugin is called “Return YouTube Dislike” and is downloadable in the chrome web store. The overview of the plugin reads:

“Uses data gathered before google closed dislike counts. Very accurate for videos published before Dec. 13 2021. It might be less accurate for unpopular videos published after Dec. 13. Counts votes made by extension users and extrapolates the number to the total number of viewers of a video. This extension is in a very active development phase – so if you experience any issues – don’t hesitate to report them on our GitHub page or in discord. Wait a few days and everything will be fixed.”

According to the chrome web store, the plugin is used by over 900k users and has a five-star rating. We put the plugin to the test, and it works. 

If readers remember, the whole controversy before YouTube made the dislike button invisible was the huge dislike ratios of President Biden’s speeches. 

“Make The YouTube’s Dislike Button Great Again” involves one simple download.