New York City Covid polices now require children aged 5 and older to show vaccine papers to enter businesses.

Source: NwoReport

Footage out of New York City shows children being asked to provide proof of vaccination before being allowed to enter an ice cream shop.

In video shot in front of popular dessert venue Serendipity3, employees armed with digital scanners ask to see the vaccine papers of masked parents and children prior to entry.

A laminated flyer displayed in front of the business outlines the city’s latest vaccine edicts, reminding patrons that “New York City requires you to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter this business” and that “Those 5 years of age and older must show proof of Covid-19 vaccination.”

The footage provides a grim look into the medical tyranny that has gripped America’s most populous city, as authoritarian Mayor Bill De Blasio (D) implements the type of discriminatory lockdown the globalists would like to see replicated across the planet.

De Blasio’s Orwellian policy comes as the CDC has issued a recommendation for children 5-11 to get the experimental vaccine, despite merely receiving Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA in late October.

Meanwhile, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, has warned parents not to vaccinate children for fears it could permanently damage their brain, nervous system, heart and blood vessels, reproductive system and immune system

Watch an extended version of the video below: