Videos and texts show primetime producers at CNN fantasizing about sex acts with children in graphic detail.

Source: Project Veritas

Another CNN producer is accused of pedophilia in the latest undercover sting by watchdog group Project Veritas.

In a report released Wednesday, Veritas founder James O’Keefe describes receiving information from a source about an as-yet-unidentified CNN producer who discussed fantasizing about molesting his fiancé’s daughter.

According to the Post Millennial, “The messages and videos were allegedly obtained by a woman who was involved in a relationship with the CNN producer for over a decade, Janine Banani, a case manager for human trafficking victims, as well as those of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

“In one text exchange, the producer tells the source how his fiancé’s daughter ‘was wearing very closely cut bottoms at the pool,’ before using graphic language to describe how he could see the outline of her private parts,” reports Veritas, going on to describe other parts of the text exchange “were too graphic and sickening to directly quote.”

“The source told Project Veritas she ‘felt disgusted’ and was compelled to come forward, because ‘these people with power seem to get away with it.’”

O’Keefe explained that while a crime had not yet been committed, Veritas was reporting the information as the source was very concerned the primetime CNN producer could act on the impulses.

The report also comes on the heels of the arrest of former CNN producer John Griffin, who was recently charged with three counts of sex trafficking minors.