Unpopular president heckled everywhere he goes

Source: Kelen McBreen

During Joe Biden’s trip to tornado-torn areas of Kentucky this week, he was met by a small number of fans and many protesters.

A local reporter named Austin Horn posted a picture of Biden arriving on Twitter, saying a couple of people shouted, “Let’s go Brandon” as he got out of the vehicle.


Ahead of Biden’s visit, demonstrators were already in the area as the video below shows a truck waving a huge Trump flag drive by.

A woman in the crowd called Biden a “pedophile” as he shook hands with citizens and asked him, “Where are the children? Where are they? Pedophile! Where are they at?”

Coincidentally, Sleepy Joe was caught whispering in the ears of a young boy and massaging his shoulders during the event.

At one point, Biden took a dig at NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers and unvaccinated Americans when he said to a woman wearing a Green Bay Packers beanie, “Tell that quarterback he’s got to get the vaccine.”

Biden cannot go anywhere without being heckled or making a bonehead gaffe.