Source: B.N. Frank

The days of Lyft and Uber providing jobs to Americans seems to be quickly coming to an end as both companies have committed to introducing driverless vehicles in American cities. 

From Protocol:

Uber Eats and Motional are working on driverless food delivery for 2022

Meal-kit deliveries will come via Motional’s all-electric Hyundai robotaxis.

AI doesn’t just want to eat your lunch — sometimes it wants to deliver it, too.

Driverless tech provider Motional and Uber Eats plan to add a dash of autonomy to food delivery next year in Santa Monica, serving up meal kits from select restaurants. The news was first reported by authorities.

The plan is for food deliveries to come via Motional’s all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5-based robotaxis. Motional said this will be the first time its vehicles are used to deliver food.

It has already paired with Uber competitor Lyft.

In regard to Electric Vehicles (EVs) themselves, ongoing issues continue to be reported about them including: