Source: J.B. Shurk

As far as I can tell, this is what we are now supposed to believe as Americans, in this first year of the Glorious Deep State’s Blessed and Eternal Reign

Our country is so irredeemably racist that people of all races keep sneaking into the United States at breakneck speeds.  Our military is so well prepared for future threats from China and Russia that it can dedicate its resources to spreading transgenderism through its ranks, pontificating about “white rage” at book clubs, firing servicemembers for not “vaxxing up,” and challenging “climate change” to bouts of fisticuffs.  Our border is so secure that we have time to worry about Ukraine.  China is so worrisome a global adversary that our political and business “elites” continue to transfer American wealth and manufacturing capabilities to its shores.  Russia is so much of a geopolitical foe that our government’s weather warriors have chosen to kill America’s domestic energy production and increase Russia’s leverage over the world’s supply of oil and natural gas.  And Iran, which continues to promise “death to Israel,” must be coddled and rewarded before it hurts our friends.

A global pandemic caused by a virus most likely created in a Chinese lab with the assistance of U.S. government funds must still be treated as if it just magically appeared.  It poses so little threat to young people that their lives must be turned upside-down.  Masks were useless until they became mandatory to prove loyalty to the State.  The virus should be regarded as if it were so deadly that the only way to survive is to get pumped full of experimental “vaccines.”  At the same time, encouraging lawless mass migration and actively resettling untreated illegal aliens around the country isn’t deadly at all.

The “vaccines,” which are touted as medical miracles, have killed and injured tens of thousands and left others with a higher risk of mortality generally.  While they are sold as having saved humanity from imminent extinction, strangely, more people have died from the virus this year than before the gene therapy cocktails became widely available.  Though they are still routinely extolled as conferring immunity, they apparently become useless if anyone on the planet refuses to be forcibly jabbed.  Purely coincidentally, “vaccinated” professional athletes around the globe continue to collapse on pitches and playing fields with severe chest pains.  Still, government “scientists” insist that the only answer to failure is to keep jabbing.  And after two years of “flattening the curve,” blue cities and states have regressed back to mandatory masking as a show of confidence in the effectiveness of these wondrous pharmaceutical elixirs.  Twenty years to flatten the curve, twenty trillion dollars in pharmaceutical profits!  Progress!

Even though global oligarchs such as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and George Soros immediately used the global pandemic to push a “Great Reset” of society that has expanded the power and control of the government over each individual, claims that this “health emergency” is an expedient pretext for conditioning people to accept a new techno-fascist “normal” are just plain hogwash.  It is pure happenstance that middle-class wealth has been drained these last two years while the 1% of the 1% has never been richer.  People who refuse to understand that State-backed police must occasionally bash their skulls for their own health when caught protesting lockdowns are simply too selfish to comprehend that imprisonment in quarantine concentration camps is for their own good.  In order to save lives, governments must deny hospital care and food access for the unvaxxed.  In order to increase health care capacities, governments must fire doctors and nurses who are unvaxxed.  In order to prove the efficacy of experimental “vaccines,” no other commonsense therapeutic treatments must be allowed to succeed.  To trust in science, you must put your faith in Big Government!  Only Pfizer can set you free!

To save “democracy,” we must murder freedom.  The religiously devout must seek and receive the government’s blessing before gathering to pray.  Those who wish to protest against the government must first obtain permission.  Those who write and publish must make sure to avoid saying anything “hateful.”  (Everything “hateful” will be determined by the government in due time.)  The government may engage in outright censorship so long as it outsources its work to Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  Discussion of any subject dealing with viral pandemics must be monitored for compliance with official State doctrine.  “Misinformation” should be considered a “viral pandemic” that causes unacceptable harm.  For this reason, all communication must be monitored for compliance with official State doctrine, too.  What you could say yesterday, you might not be able to say tomorrow.  What you say tomorrow may certainly be outlawed the day after that.  Just as COVID will require endless booster shots for obedient people, COVID-1984’s defenestration of the First Amendment will require endless booster shots for subjugated people as well.  Free speech can only be as free as it concurs verbatim with government decree!

It is perfectly permissible to demonize all white people as racists.  Whenever any non-white person is injured or killed by law enforcement, racism should be assumed to have been the underlying cause.  Before any facts are ascertained, it is proper for Black Lives Matter and Antifa to seek extralegal revenge.  Any person who has property should permit this property to be destroyed in the name of “social justice.”  Any person whose life is threatened by the mayhem should accept death rather than the “white supremacy” of self-defense.  Businesses that respond to mass looting by closing their stores or boarding up their windows are only perpetuating prejudice.  In order to liberate America from “systemic racism,” black neighborhoods must be burned to the ground!

Voting rights and civil rights protests are strongly encouraged by the federal government.  Disobedience campaigns are quintessentially American — except for any protests in response to the numerous unresolved discrepancies that tarnished the 2020 presidential election.  Fighting for “free and fair” elections is important for “democracy,” but only when the right sorts of people are first chosen by the oligarchy for the people to “democratically” elect.  Known liar and serial lawbreaker Hillary Clinton?  Oh, yes!  Known liar and corrupt quid pro quo extraordinaire Joe Biden?  Yes, please!  A self-made billionaire and independent outsider who promises to “Drain the Swamp”?  Send him and his MAGA supporters straight to the gulag for the sake of the Deep State’s preservation!

To save America, we must torment and harass any who would dare suggest we “Make America Great.”  Five years in prisonsolitary confinement, and torture for anybody who persists!  We must persecute and punish people for their political beliefs to prove to the world that America remains a beacon for liberty!  Only by accepting the denizens of D.C. as our rightful rulers can the dissidents in flyover country learn to be thankful for what freedoms they’ve been allowed to retain.  As long as every American obeys, then “democracy” functions perfectly.  Soon, we too shall be lucky enough to have elections where D.C.’s puppet president receives 90% of the vote!  Why should only China’s, Russia’s, and North Korea’s political leaders be so popular?

Apparently, the American regime in power plans on “commemorating” the events of January 6 so that the country can remember annually how Washington destroyed the working-class voter with ease.  For people who routinely celebrate their abortions, it makes sense for them to celebrate aborting freedom, too, with such a grand spectacle.  Remember, Comrades: Unity!  We shall have it or suffer the consequences until we do!