Source: NwoReport

As inflation has mounted to a 39-year high, almost half of all Americans regard the actions of the Biden Administration as only aggravating the situation, a new poll said.

Forty-seven percent of registered voters believe the Administration is “hurting” the country’s ability to get the increasing prices under control – and 46 percent say President Joe Biden’s massive social spending bill will just drive inflation even higher, according to a Fox Business poll. Inflation was listed as the greatest issue facing the economy by 36 percent of the 1,002 people polled.

By comparison, government spending and the budget deficit were listed as the biggest current economic issue by just 16 percent of voters.

Around two-thirds of Americans said inflation has caused them financial stress– while 31 percent said it hadn’t.

Despite concerns over inflation, the poll shows that the President’s job performance rating actually increased a bit from November to December.


percent of voters in December passed Biden’s performance compared to 51 percent who disapproved.

Last month, 44 percent of those asked supported the President’s performance versus 54 percent who disapproved.

The Fox News poll was published after two other recent surveys showed matching negative results for the Biden Administration.

A survey published Tuesday by The Hill/HarrisX found that 50 percent of registered voters disapprove of Kamala Harris’s job as Vice President.

And a CNN survey revealed 70 percent of Americans believe Biden’s policies have worsened the economy or had no effect.

Shoppers are panicking at the meat counter, where beef prices are up more than 20 percent. Nearly everything in the shopping cart costs more and most politicians are unaware of the pain inflation is causing.

Retirees are the biggest victims, inflation is destroying them. With interest rates near zero, retirees are watching the buying power of the money they have in the bank shrink. They’re getting punished for their years of thrift, prudence, and self-reliance.

For the 65-and-over crowd, it’s double trouble— the brutal consequence of COVID and then inflation. Three-quarters of Americans who passed from COVID were in that age group. Now the survivors are getting whacked with price hikes on

everything from home heating oil to groceries. In Maine, the fuel to heat homes is up by as much as 50 percent.

One-fifth of all dollars in circulation has been created since February 2020. Congress spent excessively on COVID-related benefits using borrowed money, and the Federal Reserve purchased the debt created and flooded the nation with more dollars.