Source: Patty McMurray

On Thursday, the CEOs of America’s top airlines testified for over three hours at an in-person Senate Commerce Committee hearing. After this meeting, I double-vaxxed and boosted Southwest CEO, Gary Kelly, who tested positive for COVID. Despite his triple-vaxxed status, the Left is labeling it “COVID karma” for Kelly not wearing a mask at the hearing.

Eric Feigl-Ding, a public health “scientist”, tweeted that “COVID karma is real”, and added he will never again fly Southwest as long as Kelly is CEO. Hopefully, Feigl-Ding doesn’t like flying Delta, American Airlines, or United Airlines either, because none of their attending CEOs/COOs were wearing masks either. It’s worth adding that the lawmakers at this hearing were also not wearing masks.

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As usual, the Left is ignoring the fact that Kelly had three vaccines, and had tested negative prior to the hearing. Maybe instead of focusing on the masks, the Left should reconsider their undying faith in the ineffective vaccines?


Although Kelly remains pro-mask mandate on all flights and has gotten his vaccines, he is still not doing enough to appease the Leftist mob. Twitter users are labeling him a “moron” and one user even said they are “sorry to hear he’s making a recovery” from the illness. The Left is so obsessed with #MaskingUp that they are wishing death upon those who don’t wear masks even after complying with their vaccine demands.

First, it’s “wear your mask”, then it’s “get vaccinated so you don’t need a mask”, then it’s “wear a mask even if you’re vaccinated because vaccines aren’t effective…but still get vaxxed”. The Left will jump at any chance to make themselves feel morally superior to others no matter the situation. At what point will enough be enough for these people?