Source: NwoReport

Joe Biden will send 500 million rapid COVID tests to homes across America, 1,000 medical personnel to hospitals, and set up new federal testing sites as part of his Omicron fighting plan.

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He will also deliver a harsh message to the 40 million unvaccinated Americans and ensure the rest of the country won’t have to cancel their Christmas plans, despite an increase in cases across the country.

The Administration is not asking for any new lockdowns or travel restrictions and will instead address existing efforts like masking indoors, testing, and vaccines. The White House will also establish a website where Americans can order free at-home virus tests just two weeks after Press Secretary Jen Psaki rejected the idea and sarcastically said: “Should we just send one [test] to every American?”

Biden will say, “we know we have the tools to get through this wave,” according to a senior administration official who briefed the media on the effort – including the new testing element.

He will deliver his statement less than 24 hours after America recorded its first Omicron death – a Texas man in his 50s who was unvaccinated and had already been infected before. The lines at testing centers across the country continue to grow.

The news of the first death prompted by the Omicron variant was announced by Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo on Monday night, around the same time the Centers for Disease Control confirmed that Omicron is now the leading COVID strain in the US,

accounting for 73 percent of all new cases.

Hidalgo did not cite the victim’s name, who had unknown underlying health conditions, and was treated with Regeneron antibody therapy in a failed attempt to heal him.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned on Tuesday morning that the spread of Omicron is “unprecedented” and cases will “double” every two days, but insisted vaccinated Americans can enjoy Christmas with their families.

States like New York and New Jersey are getting hit the most heavily by the new variant. New York City has recorded record infections in 24 hours over the past week, and Hawaii is currently the U.S. leader in the growth of cases, up 383 percent over the last two weeks.

Hospitalizations have not kept pace, though, only increasing six percent during that period, a sign that 63 percent of the vaccinated population has some security from the virus.

“The President will tell the American people that if they are vaccinated and follow the process that we all know well, especially masking while traveling, they should feel comfortable celebrating Christmas and the holidays,” said the White House official.