Source: Rich Welsh

Like the Defund the Police movement that caused more problems than it fixed, corporate executives made rash decisions to fire unvaccinated workers so that they could show the world that they were woke in order to please what probably amounts to a thousand leftists on Twitter and other social media platforms. The more President Joe Biden and his unscientific administration’s health officials pushed for employers to mandate vaccinations for their employees of businesses with over 100 workers, it became a growing trend. And don’t forget that when the trend started, the vaccines were all experimental as none of the available vaccines were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Now, many of those corporations realize that they fired masses of people that they actually need to run their businesses. They are learning that they placed all their marbles with the wrong team because, as it turns out, Team Biden has been failing at everything since the beginning and their handling of COVID-19 has been abysmal with complicated messaging and an authoritarianism that is very unamerican over an agenda that has less to do with making sure people don’t get sick than controlling people.

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What made things worse for fired unvaccinated people is that they found out they were not allowed to collect unemployment benefits that they paid for.

Part of the problem with firing a good deal of needed personnel over a virus with a 99% survival rate is the Biden administration has been paying people to stay home and not work, and when combined with firing unvaxxed workers, it has made staffing issues a serious problem. That phenomenon has increased the complications with the supply chain problem as there are not enough workers available to offload the cargo ships in ports, so they sit off the coast for weeks at a time waiting to be called into the ports.

Many corporations are now doing an about face and are asking employees who were fired over being unvaccinated to return to their jobs so that they can save their businesses.

Think about it. They fired people because they did not want to violate their bodies with an experimental drug that has a VAERS system record of causing great harm to thousands of Americans and even more people globally. Many of these people were frontline heroes who treated COVID-19 patients all throughout the pandemic. They went to work every day knowing they could get sick, and they were treated like yesterday’s trash when corporate executives wanted to show how woke they were.

It’s not like these companies are admitting they never should have fired employees for being unvaccinated. They just want to be rescued for making such abominable personnel decisions.

Many people are taking to social media to point out how wrong corporations were to fire unvaccinated workers and how it’s now coming back to bite them in the rear end:

One New Yorker pointed out that close to 32,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers were fired and that’s why hospitals are now overwhelmed.

“The state of New York has fired almost 32,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers, this is why our hospitals are overwhelmed and at capacity, this is why folks can’t get life saving procedures… Biden’s mandates are killing people #FJBiden

More and more people are now realizing what a huge mistake it was to listen to the woke politicians.

“People have gone insane. They fired unvaccinated workers, now want vaccinated workers with covid to stay on the job. I don’t believe science says this is in the best interests of patients, especially the highly vulnerable.”

One woman said in a video that she was fired from her nursing job in mid-November and was very recently asked if she could come in and work the weekend through the New Year.