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The year 2022 is on its way out to be indelibly printed on the pages of history, a noisy sentinel to designed incompetence and obnoxious elitism. 2022 is arguably the worst single year, save possibly the Depression era, in American history; a year bereft of common sense led by politicians with no skills in management, economics, or foreign policy and no knowledge of the Constitution or the rule of law, except theirs.

They are intent on forcing rules of social change that celebrate perversion, pedophilia, and transgenderism. If Democrats are permitted to write the history of 2022, it will be a glowing expose´ of the wonderful leadership of a bonafide incompetent, an elderly denizen of the past who has fossilized before our very eyes and will have left America destitute, but immorally chained to equity, diversity, and inclusiveness.

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Problems for Conservative Americans in the future, and I do not include the Republican elites who have run the party into near inconsequence, will still be their inability to accept the political truths that their leadership has abandoned all objectivity to supporting a government based on the Constitutional rule of law.

Until Trump and his MAGA movement showed Americans what America was and could be again, the GOP elites chose to feed at the Democrat’s feet under the table of their free droppings. After Trump, the GOP elites, like those few still in the Senate that voted for the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill, continued the GOP’s treasured tradition of “go along to get along!”

Do we accept that GOP leadership is rotten to its core or just off course? By what standard did Senatorial Republicans abandon their duty to stop government growth, limit spending and stop providing more funds to defend Ukraine’s borders but not our own?

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