Source: John F. Di Leo

What does crime cost?

The big question, I know. But as we have just finished up one of the worst years for crime in American history, in terms of the unexpected and painful growth of various types of crime, it is worth considering the human cost of this epidemic.

We can quote statistics until the cows come home, but eyes glaze over, and the impact may be lost. Numbers and percentages are just figures on spreadsheets and graphs, impersonal and unrelatable.

So, on this dawn of a new year, please allow me to share a personal experience with crime.

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I work in the supply chain; my job is arranging transportation and trade compliance for imports, exports, and domestic shipments in the private sector. That is, I have always worked for companies who need goods moved, either across the country or across international borders.

In this particular case, I needed to move a shipment of components — for assembly in a Wisconsin manufacturing plant, to be specific — from a warehouse in California to a factory in Wisconsin.

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