Source: Clarice Feldman

What an awful year this was. I sincerely hope the coming year is better. Here are a few loose ends that need clearing up as that dreadful year drops off into memory.

The first priority is to hold public health authorities responsible for the mess they made. Professor Glenn Reynolds has my vote for holding them accountable. They lied to us, manipulated us for political purposes, and completely betrayed our trust. He summarizes their acts and argues: “It’s time for a rigorous investigation — perhaps a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with subpoena power — to get to the bottom of how our public health authorities have mismanaged this pandemic. There’s certainly no chance that the existing establishment will do so.”

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Sheryl Attkisson offers a more complete 57-count indictment of our public health officials’ conduct, concluding that they depended completely on vaccination which has proven a “total failure” as a record number of people were vaccinated, a “record number have gotten Covid.”

Here’s her damning list in its entirety because I need to remind you of how substantially they abused our trust:

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