Source: Steve McCann

The rocky road this nation has traveled over the past 22 months has given rise to a severe loss of credibility for the government and the scientific/medical community.  But more importantly, these months of COVID hysteria have brought out into the open a fundamental question about the ethos of the American people, their leaders and the future of the nation.

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An increasingly significant percentage of the citizenry is abandoning a belief in God and the Judeo-Christian teachings that undergird the foundation of the country, with many willfully substituting an unconditional faith in government.  Accordingly, the United States is evolving into a society wherein a significant majority can be willingly manipulated and extraordinarily susceptible to collective hysteria due their near-religious belief in the infallibility of a man-made institution.   

Alas, the institution of government, as the pandemic revealed, is dominated by unscrupulous and despotic politicians, their sycophants in the corporate media and politicized bureaucrats.  Elitists who have unabashedly sowed unfounded fear, anxiety and falsehoods among the populace in order to successfully abet the fraudulent skewing of the 2020 election and for personal economic gain.  These same wannabe autocrats have also revealed themselves to be incapable of changing course or admitting to and apologizing for their innumerable and ongoing lies and mistakes.

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