Source: Scott Sturman, M.D.

By some historical accounts, Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig bears the distinction of WWI’s worst general.  He rose to Commander of British Expeditionary Forces and led Allied armies during the slaughter and futility at the battles of the Somme and Passchendaele.  Known for his self-confidence and inflexibility, he repeatedly ordered soldiers over the top to “no man’s land” and into the path of German machine guns.  No number of casualties or unachieved objectives could dissuade him from his singular approach to combat.

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Nigel Davies, historian, and educator, points out that General Haig was emblematic of the chateau general – dictating and directing but far removed from the battlefield:

They were Chateau Generals in approach and in attitude. They drew lines on maps without adequately considering the terrain, issued impossible instructions without looking at the state of the ground, and ran completely inadequate communications that were far from capable of keeping track of, or controlling, a modern battlefield.

In a similar respect, despite his academic and professional accomplishments, Dr. Anthony Fauci has no background or experience in clinical medicine and is ill-equipped to lead the SARS-CoV-2 response.  His purview is that of a research scientist and entrenched bureaucrat, who is far removed from patient contact.