Source:  Tim O’Brien

When it comes to social engineering, there is more than one kind of war. We’ve been witness to the war on drugs, the war on crime, the war on obesity, and most recently, the war on COVID-19.

Psyops strategies are often used in these non-traditional “wars” and some of the strategies applied are the same ones used in real warfare scenarios.

TRENDING: UK Government Data Shows ‘Vaccines’ Are Increasing Rate Of Covid Infection

From “divide and conquer” to fearmongering, mass persuasion strategies have been deployed in the campaign to make a viral pandemic with an extremely high survival rate and virtually no threat to healthy children feel like the plague.

The pandemic is real, but quite often there is a huge gap between the picture the regime paints through its persuasion campaigns and actual reality.

One of the foundational strategies that has enabled so many of the other strategies to gain traction is the targeted and widespread use of shaming, both public and private.