Source: NwoReport

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – After at least 21 tourists died in their vehicles, the Punjab government declared Murree a disaster-stricken area and requested assistance from the Pakistan Army.

After thousands of vehicles entered the city, all roads in Murree were blocked, leaving tourists helpless on the roadways.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed stated in a video message on Saturday that Murree had “seen a huge number of tourists after 15-20 years” and that a crisis had been created as a result.

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According to the interior minister, five platoons of the Pakistan Army have been called in for rescue efforts. At the same time, Rangers and the Frontier Corps will be deployed on an emergency basis.

The interior minister stated that 1,000 vehicles have been evacuated.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists have rushed to Murree due to the continuous snowfall falling in the town for the past two days.

According to officials, an estimated 125,000 automobiles reached the city, causing major traffic congestion on the roads. Due to the emergency scenario, the administration has decided to close all routes heading to Murree.

Since last night, thousands of tourists, including women and children, have been stranded on the area’s roadways. On the other hand, officials from the traffic police were working to restore traffic flow on the roads.