Source: Patty McMurray

Poll numbers for “81 million votes” Biden are in the toilet.

Kamala’s inner circle has abandoned her faster than rats jumping from a sinking ship.

Americans no longer trust our intelligence agencies, especially after the January 6th incident where people like former Oath Keepers AZ Chapter President Ray Epps, who spent two days calling on Trump supporters to join him at the Capitol instead of at the Elipse, briefly appeared on the FBI’s Most Wanted list only to disappear once a sufficient number of primarily Trump-supporting Americans were arrested for their role in an armless “insurrection.”

TRENDING: Biden Touts Vaccines for Children, Yet 0.00%-0.02% of Child Coronavirus Cases Fatal

So when a group of masked men, who no one has ever heard of, headed to Washington DC. on December 4 2020, and marched to the Lincoln Memorial, and then almost as quickly as they came, marched back to the UHaul trucks that brought them to the event, people on social media began to question if they were posers?

The Left immediately made up stories about the group and their ties to “right-wing” extremists and “white supremacy.”

The only problem is…no one on the right has ever heard of these guys. Conservatives, however, seem to think they have a pretty good idea about where this new group came from.

This tweet about the “Patriot Front” group being FBI agents won the day:

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