Source: Blaise Edwards, M.D.

I was blessed to be greatly influenced by a wonderful physician.  He was truly a giant, but some would not know that, and he would even perhaps deny it.  He was divisive, to be sure — either loved or hated, never in between, but always respected.

He put the patient first at all costs.  He would relate walking by a hospital room, with a patient alone on a bedpan, shouting for help, with no one to help her.  Because of this, he was on the cutting edge of the outpatient surgery center movement, due to better costs but also better care.  He was not considered a philosopher, but he did have, and still does, an overriding philosophy.  In essence, do right by others, and treat them with respect until they lose it.  Never quit.

Here’s one of his few philosophical statements that holds with me to this day, important now: “If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b——-.”

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That being said, I want to share with you the hidden pandemic that no one is addressing.  It is the pandemic of group A beta hemolytic streptococcus, otherwise known as strep throat.  It is estimated that 5–15% of all hospitalizations have strep.  A similar proportion of ICU admissions and death suffer from this same malady.  It is probably no coincidence that roughly 5–15% of illegal aliens crossing the border bring this disease with them.  The list could go on: car accidents, homelessness, drug addiction, murderers all have a 5–15% chance of having strep.

Why do we not pay more attention to this?  Why have the government and medicine in general let us down?  For years, 10% of all deaths have been strep-positive.  That is roughly 250,000 to 300,000 per year.

Well, it’s because 5–15% of the population carries strep, symptom free.  There is a difference between being infected with strep and having a positive strep test.  It is an important diagnostic and treatment distinction made on a routine basis in medicine.  Yet we still have not differentiated dying with COVID from dying because of COVID.  We have not differentiated a positive test from an actual disease.  This is insane, and yet we are basing our policy decisions on such a lack of distinction.  In essence, the government is baffling us with BS.

Imagine a world where we selectively test a certain group for no apparent reason.  I take a group of people despised by the government intellectual crowd (say, white males), and I start testing them all the time for this “strep infection.”  At any given time, 5–15% (for the sake of argument, let’s say 10%) are positive.  Selective workplace testing is instituted for all white males.  Twice a week, 10% of them test positive.  For women and minorities, we test only if they have the classic fever, sore throat, and infection signs on exam.

There is now an overwhelming number of white males with “strep.”  We start labeling this a pandemic of white males.  We segregate them, and we start testing them more often, thus pushing the numbers up farther.  At the same time, we restrict testing even further on the control group.  After all, women and minorities are only rarely testing positive.  This is basically what is happening with the vaccines.

Even more, we are broadly losing the ability to compare groups with U.S. data.  In the U.S., if non-vaccinated (or, as I say, pure blood), the PCR test is run at upwards of 40–45 cycles, leading to a false positive rate in the 90-plus-percent range.  If vaccinated, PCR is run at a 28-cycle threshold.  How can we compare these two groups at all?  It would be the same as swabbing the throats of the white males aggressively and submitting multiple specimens, but for the rest, we briefly run a swab across the outer lip.  The “authorities” have made it too difficult to compare groups for obvious reasons.  The shot doesn’t work.  They know, but they don’t care, because there are too much money and too much power in continuing the charade. 

Just recently, the U.K. posted data saying that approximately 70% of COVID-positive hospitalizations among unvaccinated are hospitalizations for something else, and they test positive while in the hospital, on average eight days after admission.  Yet these are counted as COVID hospitalizations!  So I have a stroke, I go to the hospital, and after eight daily COVID tests, I get a positive.  Am I hospitalized for COVID?  If you are saying yes, then I can for sure baffle you with BS.  Even Fauci admitted that most children hospitalized with COVID are in the hospital for something else and only happen to test positive.

We need to wake up to this madness.

The only good thing now is that the nonstop vaccine-boosting has resulted in the government labeling all the double-vaxxed as not immunized.  They are now welcome to the same scorn and disdain as us pure bloods.  They were told back in the day that getting the vaccine meant getting back to normal.  Now they know: the masks never went away; two shots are not enough; and if they don’t comply, the powers that be are coming for their jobs, their leisure travel, everything they have taken from us pure bloods.  We welcome them as our half-blooded counterparts.  They can now join our resistance and take the country back. 

And as an aside, physicians need to start waking up and getting in the game.  Hospitals are nothing without doctors and nurses.  We drive the care, not administrators, the NIH, the CDC, or our beloved president.

I am reminded of a plaque that my mentor had in his office.  “It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you work with turkeys.”  So, physicians, stop being so foul, and take back the practice of medicine.