Nothing screams impartial like wearing a Dr Fauci t-shirt on air

Source: Steve Watson

MSNBC hack Joy Reid took a break from race baiting Thursday night to once again call for any one who remains unvaccinated to be denied medical care and for them to be made into an underclass.

Along with MSNBC medical contributor and apparent Dr Fauci fangirl Dr. Lipi Roy, Reid first attacked Senator Rand Paul for again daring to question Anthony Fauci.

The pair accused Paul of displaying “insane, atrocious vitriol,” and suggested that the Senator, who is a qualified physician, is not really doctor, reasoning that “he does not exude any of the qualities that doctors and nurses possess, empathy, compassion, and a penchant for science and data to drive health care policies.”

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Reid claimed that Paul “create[d] his own accreditation” and “didn’t get it from, like, a regular place,” so “I wouldn’t let him operate on me if I was desperate.”

Roy asserted that Paul’s attempted takedowns of Fauci have prompted “people like me and my fellow health care professionals double down on what we are doing.”

The pair then discussed what can be done to punish the unvaccinated, suggesting that they should be paid less sick pay in their jobs, and treated the same way smokers are and charged “up to 50 percent more” for health insurance.

Roy also suggested that if the unvaccinated need medical attention, they should be placed on “a triage list” and not attended to as a priority.

“We still need to get them vaccinated,” Roy declared, adding “I think we need to find other measures and mandates and other measures to really get them to get vaccinated.”

Reid seemed to disagree, stating that she has “given up” and wants to see those who “have done the right thing for two years” prioritised in society over those who, in her opinion, have not.

Reid proclaimed “At a certain point, the people who have done all the right things need to get to be able to live their lives normally and if people don’t want to get vaccinated, they need to be willing to kick in and pay for their own risk…[Y]ou want to jump out of a plane? You pay for that risk. Don’t make the rest of us have to pay for it and lose our health system.”


Again is it any wonder this stuff is being turned off by most Americans and reportedly about to be pulled off the airwaves altogether?