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We reported yesterday on how President Joe Biden, who two days prior compared his political opposition to prominent Democrat racists of the past in an angry Georgia speech, appeared visibly flustered as he spoke to reporters right after a closed-door meeting with Senate Democrats and not long after Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema took to the Senate floor and gave an unexpected speech where she reaffirmed her commitment to preserving the filibuster.

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Between Sinema’s speech and fellow Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin twisting the knife a little bit more after yesterday’s unproductive meeting, it appears that Biden’s hopes for any sort of “deal” on making changes to the Senate rules on the filibuster, which would allow for his radical plan to federalize elections to go forth, are now circling the drains, much like his plummeting approval ratings.

The signs of defeat were there. Gone was the “we will get this done” attitude we’ve heard and seen from him in the past. In its place was a dejected Biden, who acknowledged that he didn’t know if “we can get it done.”

But though the look on his face and tone of his voice clearly showed that the last 48 hours since his divisive speech had been devastating for him politically, the reality of it was that Biden had not just had a bad 48 hours; his last four days, in fact, were brutal for him on a number of fronts – including on the issue of Vice President Harris and her recent disastrous “Today Show” interview.

Fox News Special Report host Bret Baier explained it all in a line by line “hits keep coming” rundown on the wave of bad news for the Biden administration during his program last night that read off like Santa’s naughty list:

CNN of all places filed a similar report, calling Biden’s week the “Week from Hell.”

Something mentioned in Baier’s report but which is also definitely worth emphasizing in this story are the continued woes of grocery stores across the country, as photos of empty shelves continue to be shared rapid-fire on social media, prompting #BareShelvesBiden to trend at times throughout the week though Biden declared in mid-December that “The much-predicted [supply chain] crisis didn’t occur. Packages are moving, gifts are being delivered. Shelves are not empty”:

Another tell from Team Biden that indicates they know things are going especially bad for them is not just Biden appearing agitated but also when White House press secretary Jen Psaki appears extra salty during press briefings and on social media, which has happened a number of times this week.

They don’t have their act together, have lost the plot – and it shows.

Unfortunately, the American people continue to pay the price for this administration’s catastrophic policies and blunders. But hopefully not for too much longer, if what’s being predicted about the midterm elections is any indication.

November 2022 cannot get here soon enough.