Source: Adam Wilson

China continues to crackdown on dissidents.  In 2015, the Chinese government conducted the “709 crackdowns” where they arrested human rights lawyers and activists across the country on bogus charges.  More than 300 human rights leaders were arrested across the country.  Some human rights leaders who were not arrested were not allowed to leave the country or had their electricity was turned off.  Now, it has been revealed that the 709 crackdowns is still going on with the kidnapping of a prominent human rights leader.  The Epoch Times Reports

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Chinese human rights lawyer Xie Yang was reported missing on Jan. 11. An insider called for the attention of the international community, believing that he was taken by state security in Changsha city.

Xie was one of the victims of the “709 Crackdown” when more than 300 lawyers and human rights defenders were detained, interrogated, and imprisoned by the regime on July 9, 2015.

On Jan. 13, his wife Chen Guiqiu told the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times that she just learned that Xie Yang was taken away by staff from state security on the 11th. “The last time I talked to Xie Yang was on the morning of the 10th, Beijing time. I would normally call him and pray for him in the mornings. On the 11th, the phone couldn’t get through.”

Chen and their two daughters are now in exile in the United States.