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The day after the United States Supreme Court upheld Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate that will require health care workers to get the jab, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’s office shot back saying Florida will not enforce it.

And before leftists try to argue with you that states have to enforce federal laws, may I remind you of all the sanctuary cities that are in Democrat cities and states around the country that blocked federal immigration laws from being enforced. Maybe DeSantis should call Florida a vaccine sanctuary state.

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According to the rule, January 27 is the deadline for health care workers to get their first shot. Thursday’s ruling from the US Supreme Court, thanks to two justices who joined the leftists on the Court, Roberts and Kavanaugh, means that health care workers across the country are now required to get the COVID-19 jab, begging the question, do we still live in a free country?

Just hours prior to the ruling, Governor DeSantis repeated that there was no way that mandate was going to be enforced in Florida.

“The medical mandate for the nurses and doctors what they’re trying to do is insane. In Florida, we provided protections, so they were rehired,” said DeSantis.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rule that was put into place by the Biden administration applies to healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, and Urgent Care, to name a few that receive federal funding through Medicaid and Medicare. The rule mandates that all staff must be vaccinated unless they have an approved qualifying exemption.

Facilities that don’t meet the requirement will be considered “non-compliant.”

The nurses and doctors who will be fired for non-compliance have paid into those two federal programs. They should be reimbursed by the federal government.

The governor’s office is telling health care workers who have a qualifying exemption to fill out an exemption form that can be found on the Florida Department of Health’s website. Before Democrats start to say DeSantis did not comply with the CMS mandate, exemptions are part of the mandate.

You would think after shortages of nurses and doctors in states like New York that saw thousands of medical staff let go for failure to get the jab, the Biden administration would worry about problems those shortages would create. But they don’t care at all.

The Florida Healthcare Association for the nursing home industry said in a statement that the rule that is scheduled to go into effect in two weeks’ time would worsen the growing problem of staffing shortages.

“…long term care is experiencing a historic labor crisis. We are extremely concerned that the court’s decision to allow the CMS mandate to go forward will cause nursing homes to lose even more staff at a time when we are grappling with significant staffing shortages that are impacting access to care.”

A spokesperson for Governor DeSantis said to USA Today that the law in Florida protects all workers from being fired if they decide to not get the jab and that includes health care workers. That is exactly how it should be in all 50 states. American citizens have the right to determine what medicine goes into their bodies if they have questions about it.

One of the most frustrating things throughout the entire threat by Joe Biden against human sovereignty over your own body is that half the country thinks unvaccinated people refuse to get the vaccine for political reasons. Whereas there may be a tiny minority of people for which that is true, the overwhelming majority of unvaccinated people have learned from reading, speaking to friends and family, and other methods of simple research that the vaccines are not working properly, that thousands of people have died from taking the vaccines, and that over ten thousand people have gotten permanent disabilities from taking the vaccines. Their refusal to get vaccinated is a rational decision with the information that is publicly available. For example, Harvard did a study of 68 countries and 2,947 US counties that concluded that populations with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest COVID infections rates. That study is not only on the Harvard website and the European Journal of Epidemiology, but it is found on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) website.