Source: by JD Rucker

Show host Kim Iversen is quite upset. She voiced her concerns on Twitter about the people who need the most help through the age of Omicron getting shafted because of false information being given to the people about natural immunity. Instead of caring for loved ones who are sick, those who have strong natural immunity have been told they should still stay away because natural immunity is supposedly not effective.

This is a lie, and Iversen called them out over it:

I’m angry. I’m angry as hell. I’m angry health officials and outlets spent two years REFUSING to study natural immunity and making even vaccinated recovered people afraid of being around people with Covid. I think this cost lives. Let me explain.

TRENDING: America’s Food Supply Fertilized with Human Remains and Coated with Nanoparticles

People who are recovered and often fully vaccinated on top, are STILL afraid of catching Covid. SO afraid, that when a loved one gets sick they stay away. They don’t want to “get sick again”.

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