Source: Jack Gist

Joe Biden, contrary to popular belief, is not a racist. He’s a misanthrope, a hater of humans in general. Anyone who craves power above all else ends up hating humanity. It’s inevitable.

Granted, Biden comes off as a racist. The historical record of his racist remarks should be enough to convince even staunch skeptics on this point. There are decades of evidence to prove it.

Take the Latino population. In a recent attempt to explain away why American Latinos might resist COVID vaccinations, Biden said, “They’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported,” The Heritage Foundation reported.

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Wow. Imagine if Trump, or any prominent conservative, said as much. That statement alone would fuel mainstream media with energy to fuel a week-long screed.

Maybe Biden thinks that every Latino in the U.S. is an illegal alien subject to expulsion? No. That couldn’t be it. Surely his advisors have repeatedly told him that there are more than 60 million Latinos who are also American citizens, according to a recent census.