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The hits—of the bad sort—just keep on coming for Joe Biden.

Yesterday, we noted CNN’s New Day highlighting Biden’s “abysmal, spectacular, failures” on the domestic front. 

Today, New Day‘s focus turned to the international scene. And—zing!—a prominent journalist opined that Biden’s catastrophic mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has emboldened Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine

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David Sanger, the chief Washington correspondent of the New York Times, doubles as a CNN analyst. Substitute host Kasie Hunt teed up Sanger to offer his dim view of Biden, saying:

“One thing we do know about Vladimir Putin: he is someone who very much thinks about the person on the other side of the table, who is his personal adversary. What is your sense of how US officials are evaluating the way Putin is thinking about President Biden?”

Sanger began by saying that when Biden was Obama’s veep, the US reaction to Russia’s invasion of Crimea was “too little, too late.” Hunt had offered similar criticism, calling Obama’s reaction to the Russian annexation of Crimea, “muted actions, frankly.”

Sanger then landed the big blow:

“The bigger issue of how it is that Putin sees Biden, that’s really fascinating. And, you know, you have to think that he looks at the Afghan withdrawal, he looks at the political division in the United States, he looks at how we have turned more inward, and he thinks, you know, this is probably as good a moment as he is going to have.”

Responded Hunt, implicitly approving of Sanger’s take:

Remarkable statement, David Sanger, thank you very much, as always, for your great reporting.” 

As this morning’s exchange illustrates, Biden’s weakness and incompetence potentially endanger the security of the United States and our allies around the world. It’s not just Russia that is watching. Among others, China, Iran, North Korea, the Taliban, ISIS, and al Qaeda are surely lurking, and considering how they might exploit the enfeebled Biden.

Note: Sanger also implicitly criticized Biden’s intention not to apply sanctions to Russia until after an invasion of Ukraine, saying, “that raises some interesting questions of timing.” 

We’ll credit CNN—in a switch from its normal unflagging support for Biden—for now starting to tell some uncomfortable truths about his incompetence, and the dangerous potential repercussions thereof.   

On New Day, David Sanger of the New York Times and CNN saying that Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has emboldened Putin to invade Ukraine was sponsored in part by Subaru, Consumer Cellular, Farmers Insurance, ADT, and Sandals.