Source: Infowars Europe

Hundreds of migrants crossed the English Channel with the help of U.K. authorities during a single day last week, according to reports.

The latest burst came during a busy week in the Channel, following a trend that has radically increased in recent years.

British state media reports that around 270 migrants arrived by boat on Thursday, while a local journalist has indicated the actual figure could be higher.

“Several young children were among the 271 migrants who were brought ashore in Dover by UK Border Force officers,” the BBC reported.

“French authorities also intercepted 75 people in three small boats, despite near-freezing temperatures on the Channel on Thursday.”

Steve Laws, a citizen journalist and candidate for parliament who regularly reports on immigration issues, estimated the total may have been much higher.

“Roughly 300-400 illegal immigrants have arrived today by boat. I’m waiting for the official figure now,” Laws reported alongside a photo of male migrants being led ashore by U.K. authorities.

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Days earlier, nearly 100 migrants made the Channel crossing.

At least 773 have reportedly arrived so far this year – on record.

More than 28,000 migrants reached England by boat in 2021, up from around 8,400 in 2020.

Laws asserts the number of Channel crossings will likely top 50,000 in 2022.

Meanwhile, U.K. officials are warning Home Secretary Priti Patel that number could be closer to 65,000, according to the Telegraph.

“There will be well over 50,000 illegal immigrants arriving in dinghies this year. The government won’t do anything to stop it,” Laws tweeted on January 1. “They spent the last couple of months in 2021 laying the foundations. They now have a multi-million-pound facility in Dover that is growing daily they also have Manston airport to use as an ‘overflow’ facility for Tug Haven (Dover facility).”

“The Border Force have also increased the amount of RHIBs [Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats] they use and have the budget for a new ‘fleet’ of taxis. They have more staff stationed down at Lydd ready to pick up any illegal immigrants that arrive down at Dungeness. Only 5 were deported last year so if she’s feeling generous Patel might double that this year.”

Infowars Europe has frequently reported on the monumental increase of illegal migration across the English Channel in recent years, as well as the havoc wreaked by illegal aliens after they are placed in asylum centers or hotels across Britain.