Source: Sophie Mann

The convicted former consort of Jeffrey Epstein was convicted several weeks ago on various counts of sex trafficking.

Convicted sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is signaling plans to end her legal battle to protect the names of eight men – “John Does” – accused of having sex with the underage girls whom she procured for them, herself and late boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein.

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One of Maxwell’s attorneys reportedly wrote a letter to federal Judge Loretta Preska saying his client would drop her fight to protect the names of the eight men who were named in a civil suit against Maxwell brought by Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre.

The letter, addressed the same day as news broke that the case against Andrew would move forward in court, reads, “After careful review of the detailed objections submitted by Non-Party Does 17, 53, 54, 55, 73, 93, and 151, counsel for Ghislaine Maxwell writes to inform the Court that she does not wish to further address those objections.”

Maxwell was found guilty last month on five of six counts of the sexual trafficking of minors, following a weeks-long trial in New York. 

Maxwell awaits sentencing, and her purported plan to name names is believed to be an attempt to receive a shorter time behind bars.