Source: Cristina Laila

A young, beautiful woman was brutally stabbed to death by a ‘homeless man in broad daylight at a Los Angeles furniture store where she worked.

24-year-old Brianna Kupfer was stabbed to death at Croft House, a luxury furniture store on North La Brea Avenue last week.

The murder suspect is described as a ‘homeless, black male,’ however, surveillance video (screenshot below) shows the suspect wearing designer ‘skinny’ jeans and nice tennis shoes.

The murder suspect walked into the furniture store where Brianna was working alone, stabbed her, then casually strolled out the backdoor into an alley.

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20 minutes later a customer found Brianna dead, lying in a pool of blood.

Brianna’s father blamed woke politicians and prosecutors (Marxist DA George Gascon) after his daughter was fatally stabbed.

“Crime is truly spiking, and we have a lot of criminals on the streets that shouldn’t be out,” grieving father Todd Kupfer, 60, told Fox News.

“We have a lot of politicians that somehow forgot about people and think the key to getting elected is to support the lowest rung of our society and to give them rights and somehow that’s the answer to getting votes,” Kupfer said.

The suspect is still at large and LAPD refused to comment on the ongoing investigation.