Source:  Dan Lyman

A woman was kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint as she waited for a pizza at Domino’s in Texas, and the suspect is still on the run, according to reports.

The terrifying incident unfolded at around 7 p.m. on November 18 in Houston, but just came to light this week.1776 around the world starts when you visit our store!

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The victim was waiting in her car outside the pizza shop when she was approached by a man who tapped on her window with a gun, threatening to shoot her if she didn’t open it.

“The man demanded cash, but the woman told him she did not have money on her. He then hopped into her vehicle and told her to drive to the nearest ATM,” Click2Houston reports.

The victim says her kidnapper struck her in the head with his weapon during the ride and vowed to kill her if she didn’t find a cash machine immediately.

She eventually arrived at a Chase ATM, where she withdrew $800 and gave it to her attacker.

He ordered her to return to the Domino’s and fled the scene on foot.

Authorities later identified Daylon Johnson, 21, as the suspect after running fingerprints.

“KPRC 2 found records showing that Johnson was out on a $40,000 bond for another aggravated robbery of a woman on Nov. 22 in Harris County,” the outlet reports.

Johnson is still on the loose as of the latest available updates.