‘Iran is richer, stronger, and closer to a nuclear weapon today,’ GOP says

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

The Biden administration is obstructing more than a dozen congressional investigations into its diplomacy with Iran and its efforts to unwind sanctions on the hardline regime, according to a year-long foreign policy evaluation conducted by Republican leaders in the House.

The Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in Congress, disclosed on Thursday that it has sent over a dozen letters to the Biden administration asking for information on the lack of sanctions enforcement in the last year with no satisfactory response. The administration is stonewalling these investigations as it works to keep Republican lawmakers in the dark about the status of negotiations and economic sanctions on Tehran, according to the lawmakers.

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One year into President Joe Biden’s administration, “Iran is richer, stronger, and closer to a nuclear weapon” than ever before, the RSC concludes in its latest foreign policy assessment, which awards Biden a failing grade for allowing Iran to greatly expand its atomic weapons program. An advance copy of the RSC’s investigation, led by Chairman Jim Banks (R., Ind.), was provided exclusively to the Washington Free Beacon. The report exposes how the Biden administration has repeatedly broken its promise to enforce U.S. sanctions as it pursues diplomacy with Iran’s anti-American regime.