Source: Steve Watson

Kamala Harris is weird. Whenever she is asked a question that exposes her own and the Biden administration’s failures, lies, and broken promises, she laughs about it.

The latest example came Thursday as “CBS Mornings” host Gayle King addressed Harris and said “Let’s talk about Covid because you all ran on, ‘We are going to get Covid under control, we are going to get this licked.’ As we sit here today, we’re going into year three still talking about Covid.”

“So it is not under control,” King continued, adding “So I’m wondering what is your strategy here? And have you come to the point that we have all got to figure out how to live with Covid?”

Cue the insane cackling laughter.


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Biden ran on shutting down the virus and ‘not shutting down the economy’.

Two years later the government is still making policy based on the virus, the country spent most of that time under some form of shutdown, and the economy is in the toilet again.

Never mind, let’s laugh it up.