Source: by Kyle Becker

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After two years of a Covid pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control shocked the world on Wednesday by finally admitting that natural immunity from prior infection exists.

But it’s even worse than that for the mainstream Covid narrative: The CDC admits that natural immunity from prior infections is superior to vaccinated immunity alone.

Don’t tell that to CNN’s “news” team, however, which mangled reporting on the CDC bombshell in a vain effort to keep the facts from its viewers. Watch:1:33 / 5:32

“You know, it’s very interesting,” CNN Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said before lying through her teeth. “The CDC showed once again that vaccination is superior to prior infection.”

Of course, CNN would do its utmost to conceal the actual news from its few remaining viewers, as well as those who read the news source’s website.

The CDC report was absolutely clear: Vaccination was “safest” — but only if you didn’t have a prior infection. Natural immunity was the most important indicator of positive health outcomes, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Once an individual had natural immunity, it substantially lowered risk of hospitalization and death regardless of vaccination status. The CDC, correctly, pointed out that doesn’t make it a wise “strategy” to seek out Covid infection.

But CNN is intentionally obfuscating the facts in the CDC study in order to mislead its viewers into getting vaccinated regardless of the risks and benefits.

CNN “reported” on the news earlier on Wednesday, and its first headline was blatantly wrong. It reported the reverse of what the CDC said.