Source: Joe Hoft

The corrupt and unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee leaked another document it seized from the Trump Administration that far-left Politico is pushing as a big deal. 

The document is a never-issued order from President Trump that includes material similar to what was presented to the President from the Deep State and Don Berlin.

Politico shared another leaked document from the corrupt Jan 6 Committee yesterday.  There reporting on the article reads:

…the draft executive order is dated Dec. 16, 2020, and is consistent with proposals that lawyer Sidney Powell made to the then-president. On Dec. 18, 2020, Powell, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, former Trump administration lawyer Emily Newman, and former CEO Patrick Byrne met with Trump in the Oval Office.

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n that meeting, Powell urged Trump to seize voting machines and to appoint her as a special counsel to investigate the election, according to Axios.

This document is entirely based on the document that we reported on December 29, 2020, that was created by Don Berlin and the Deep State and provided to President Trump shortly before January 6, 2021.  This document was quickly snatched up by the Jan 6 Committee and used as a basis (weak that it is) to claim that President Trump was considering actions to set the 2020 Election straight.  These actions were referred to in Don Berlin’s presentation in what looks like a setup.

The politico piece shows that all along the intent of Berlin’s document was to lace the president with election disinformation and have him act on it in some extreme way and then publish the details.

Below is the three-page document of the order from President Trump that was never issued but appears to be based on information in Berlin’s documents shared with the President.

Trump Jan 6 Draft XRvision by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Politico and the Jan 6 Committee are really stretching now to get at any information that would indicate President Trump acted improperly after the stolen election of 2020.   

The only improper actions were by the Democrats who stole the election and the Democrats and Republicans who covered it up.