Source: NwoReport

Left-leaning news outlets overlooked the lengthy criminal history of Brianna Kupfer’s claimed murderer in their coverage – and even omitted his mugshot from their homepages.

Reports by Liberal giants – including the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, CBS, and CNN – inexplicably left out details regarding Shawn Laval Smith’s violent past. A picture of him – published by police in hopes the public might help find him – was left off sites’ landing pages.

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The LA Times, in its article, made no mention of Smith’s last arrests or the fact he was free during the stabbing on a $1,000 bond related to a Los Angeles County misdemeanor in October 2020.

Smith is free on a $50,000 bond in Charleston, South Carolina, related to a November 2019 arrest on suspicion of firing a weapon into an occupied vehicle, court records reveal.

An indictment, in that case, was handed down on March 16, 2020, just before

COVID-19 paralyzed the courts, and the docket indicates no further action on the case.

Kupfer, 24, was killed last Thursday during a solo shift at the Croft House store, soon after texting a friend to say a man in the store was “giving her a bad vibe.”

Los Angeles police on Tuesday disclosed the identity of their chief suspect and dangled a $250,000 bounty for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

There was no mention of CNN’s coverage of the claimed killer’s rap sheet, either. However, it did note that Smith was considered “armed and

dangerous,” and the story did not appear on the publication’s main homepage on Wednesday morning.

ABC News coverage was scant; the publication acknowledged a “violent crime spike” though did not include background on Smith’s claimed pattern of offending and being released or a photograph of him.

The information was overlooked by NBC News, which focused on the fact that the suspect was identified and a

reward was being offered for his arrest.

CBS, meanwhile, used a photograph of Brianna on their homepage yet focused the angle of their story on her text to a friend explaining she was getting “bad vibes” from someone in the store on the day she was stabbed.

As of Wednesday morning, the New York Times had not covered the story.

Julie Mastrine, director of media bias ratings at AllSides, explained it is common to see Left-leaning outlets focus on the victims, while Conservative outlets are more prone to hone in on the criminals.

“This is me speculating, but the left tends to focus a lot on empathy, and views crime in the context of society,” she said. “The belief there is that people commit crimes due to societal factors. Maybe they’ve experienced poverty or trauma.”