Note- The majority of images shown throughout this article are from ANP readers that have generously taken the time and effort to document what they are seeing, upload them and send them to ANP, although there are a few (which will be marked) from social media that we feel readers absolutely have to see. Also – Images did come to ANP after this article was ready to publish, so they will be added to the next food crisis update. 

Images from your local stores can be emailed to, if comfortable doing so, please add the name of the store and at least the state.

New reports, including from the MSM which tells us how bad the food crisis is becoming  here in America when the establishment media cannot deny it any longer, are showing some very different food category shortages, along with the ones we have been seeing  over the last year-plus.


A small sample of the newer shortages are paper goods which after the initial pandemic panic shopping caused a massive shortage of paper towels and toilet paper, seemed to level out, but we see now paper goods are expected to become in short supply again.

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