Source: Clarice Feldman

For quite some time, Congress has ceded its constitutional power to legislate to the unelected administrative state — at least when Democrats are both the congressional majority and hold the White House. Now, having ignored its true function, it seeks to expand its mandate to judicial powers. The Select Committee set up by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate the January 6 riot has obviously determined that its mandate does not require a legislative purpose: It will act as a judicial branch, albeit one with no constitutional limits whatsoever.

You won’t see much about this in the corporate media. You have to go to the self-publishing authors like Glenn Greenwald, whose recent substack sets out in shocking detail the overreaching of the January 6 committee.

Citing two McCarthy-era Supreme Court cases, he argues that the power it is claiming belongs to the Judiciary branch, not Congress, and that the committee’s conduct presents a very serious and dangerous civil liberties violation. I am in total agreement with him.

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