Source: NwoReport

Fraudulent President Joe Biden said this week that he believes Russia will invade Ukraine as tensions continue to grow between the two nations.

While Biden originally stated that a “minor incursion” would elicit a different response from the U.S. than a full-on invasion, his administration spent the last few days “cleaning up that remark” and said “Russia will pay a heavy price” if any troops enter Ukraine. Russia has continued to bolster its military presence on the Ukraine border amid weeks of diplomatic talks with the U.S. and NATO, which Moscow’s lead negotiator said hit a “dead end.”

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Left-rated voices were more likely to emphasize that placing more economic sanctions on Russia would be more efficient than sending defensive troops into Ukraine. CNN (Left bias) noted that a Russia-Ukraine invasion could cause “gas prices to soar” and lead to “the biggest clash of regular conventional armies in Europe since World War II.” The New York Times editorial board (Left bias) wrote that “invading Ukraine isn’t worth the price” for Russia as it would raise tensions with the U.S. “to dangerous levels” and bring “untold misery down on the Russian economy.” Right-rated voices were more likely to believe that the U.S. needs to strengthen its military presence in order to assure protection from Russia’s armed forces. National Review (Right bias) wrote that the U.S. Navy and NATO “need more attack submarines” in the Atlantic before Europe becomes a continent the White House “cannot reach or aid.”