Complains “We never got an apology”

Source: Steve Watson

CNN bedwetter Jim Acosta said Tuesday that he is still scarred from his encounters with Donald Trump, comparing the President’s jibes toward him with physical abuse.

While filling the Cuomo slot, Acosta was asked by Don Lemon, “As someone who witnessed the unraveling of our democracy, had a front-row seat to it … is it better? Worse? Can we turn this around in your estimation? You were the White House correspondent for the entire Trump reign.”

“Yeah. And I’ve got the marks on my back to prove it, Don,” Acosta replied

While noting that everything is still terrible, Acosta added “To some extent things are better. I mean, today we had the president of the United States refer to a reporter as an S.O.B. You know, Don, you and I got called a lot worse back in the day.”

“We never got an apology,” he added.

“I don’t remember that from the commander in chief. So maybe things are a little bit better to some extent,” Acosta concluded.

Poor baby, he’s mentally scarred for life that Trump called him ‘fake news and never offered an apology.


Acosta has dined out on Trump for over five years now, becoming obsessed to the point where he is still calling Trump supporters ‘American Taliban’ and suggesting violent riots are coming, even while no one watches his broadcasts.