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President Joe Biden’s support rating hit another low on Tuesday with a new poll suggesting he has a mere 39 percent of approval.

Meanwhile, a different survey suggests the President has lost the faith of Americans who essentially think he does not care about them and is a weak President, both appalling outcomes just a year after he took office.

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Biden’s job approval dropped six points from November, according to a January Harvard CAPS/Harris survey received by The Hill. The 39 percentage points are the lowest he’s scored in Harvard’s poll since it first began compiling the data in March.


His disapproval rating has climbed to 53 percent, up to two points from the previous poll.

Of those who approve of Biden’s job in office, less than half say they “strongly” back the

President while most only “somewhat” back him.

“This is a new low for President Biden as he struggles to solve a myriad of issues from the pandemic and the economy to immigration and crime that trouble the public,” said pollster Mark Penn of the survey taken January 19 and 20.

As 40-year high inflation and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic proceed to cause grave conditions at home, the world is also looking to Biden as an increasingly aggressive Russia threatens to stir the world order and initiate a possibly deadly attack on its neighboring Ukraine.

It does not seem that many Americans have faith in Biden solving those issues, according to a survey Gallup also released on Tuesday.


were asked between January 3 and 16 whether a slate of characteristics applied to Biden as President, after being given the same statements in 2020.


Of those, a whopping 63 percent indicated that Biden is not a “strong and decisive leader.”

That’s a nine-point drop from September 2020, though he still had failed to hold a majority with only 46 percent of people asked stressing the same.

Among Democrats, Biden’s leadership skills still received high praise with 74 percent supporting the prospect, though it’s meandering from 86 percent agreeing in 2020.

He’s seen his biggest loss of confidence in the area from Independents, who were critical to his 2020 presidential victory. Among that group, then-candidate Biden was deemed by 45 percent to be a “strong and decisive leader,” while only 30 percent feel the same now.

It’s somewhat the same among Republican voters, though faith in Biden’s decisiveness actually climbed from six to seven points.

But in a pivotal blow to his public image, now less than half of Americans think the president, who ran on his personal capabilities for compassion and empathy, cares about them.