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I can tell you one person who will not like Jesse Watters’ debut show on Fox News… and that’s Nancy Pelosi — because Jesse has one big question about the old gal that we’d all like an answer to…

How did Nancy Pelosi get so darn rich?

This report from Jesse is timely.

It comes on the heels of some very serious questions about Pelosi’s little stock market scam.

Reuters reported that a year since a Reddit-driven retail trading frenzy rocked the markets and created the ‘meme stock’ phenomenon, leading U.S. lawmaker Nancy Pelosi’s investments have become a meme in their own right.

Google searches for ‘Pelosi stock trades’ hit a record high earlier this month as users on social media platforms including Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and TikTok scrutinize her investments, believing the U.S. Speaker of the House may have an edge on Wall Street.

Discussion of Pelosi’s trades is a recurring theme on social media including ‘wallstreetbets’, the Reddit forum where retail investors banded together a year ago to coordinate frenzied buying of video games retailer GameStop (GME.N) and other companies, which eventually became known as meme stocks.

Trade disclosures filed by Pelosi, a multi-millionaire, are shared widely across social media soon after they appear on the House website. Companies she disclosed trades in last year include Apple (AAPL.O), Amazon, Tesla (TSLA.O), and Microsoft (MSFT.O).

Like other Congressional lawmakers, Pelosi is legally required to file disclosures of her stock trades. Her reports have garnered growing attention amid a massive uptick in retail trading – as well as recent calls to ban lawmakers from trading at all, a debate Pelosi has been pulled into in recent weeks.

On Monday, 27 House members signed a letter calling for a floor vote on recent proposals to prohibit Congress members from owning stocks “in light of recent misconduct.”

Also, several days ago, President Trump said Nancy Pelosi should not be allowed to trade individual stocks, joining the ongoing debate over whether or not congressional lawmakers should be given such privileges.

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“She has inside information. It’s not right. It’s not appropriate,” Trump told the right-wing outlet Breitbart during an interview on Wednesday. “She should not be allowed to do that with the stocks. She should not be allowed to do that. It’s not fair to the rest of this country.”

He’s right.

And now, Jesse Watters is taking a deep dive into Pelosi’s wealth.


Thanks to President Trump and everyone out there doing research, all eyes are on Pelosi.

Maybe this probe is payback for her latest sham – the January 6th committee?

Let’s hope this picks up steam and more people ask questions about her and everyone in Congress who’s making a fortune on our dime.