Rising freedom superstar Jason Miyares

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Elections do indeed have consequences.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares on Friday issued his first legal opinion on COVID vaccine mandates and public universities. According to a release by the Office of the Attorney General, Miyares says Virginia state universities cannot require the vaccine as a general condition of students enrollment or in-person attendance.

Miyares highlights the opinion that “as recognized in the prior opinion, ‘there is no question that the General Assembly could enact a statue requiring the COVID vaccine for in-person school attendance.’ As of this writing, it has not done so. The General Assembly has amended other statues to address pandemic-related issues.”

Dozens of colleges and universities in the Commonwealth made changes to their policies to require vaccines and booster shots, including Virginia Tech, George Mason, George Washington, and the University of Virginia.

Miyares said, “Although the General Assembly specifically authorized public institutions of higher education to assist the Department of Health and local health departments in the administration of the COVID vaccine, the legislation did not grant such institutions power to impose vaccine requirements.”