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TownHall: Democrats excoriated Sarah Palin as did some Republicans once upon a time for warning Obamacare would produce “death panels.” That is, government bureaucrats making decisions based on charts and graphs and demographic actuarial tables as to who deserved life saving treatments, procedures, etc. and who should just go home and wait for their time to run out.  The doctor/patient relationship would no longer be stronger than the government/doctor relationship. 

Turns out that  “fear monger” was prescient.

We can only assume the White House was livid when the Supreme Court of the United States destroyed their authoritarian attempt to circumvent Congress and the Constitution by using the Labor Department and OSHA to force Americans to get a shot they may or may not want in order to continue to earn a living from their employer. 

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The incalculable damage Biden’s White House did to the private sector and to the lives of millions of Americans still hasn’t been fully understood.  At this hour there are those who’ve taken new jobs or are still sitting out of work because the job they left was about to force them to take a shot they didn’t want to take.  By the time the court ruled, the pressure on millions of Americans had already taken effect.

Biden admits as much.  Just as he did when he unconstitutionally attempted to force private landlords to continue rent forbearance for tenants who couldn’t or wouldn’t pay using COVID as the excuse.  Biden was asked at the time whether or not he had the legal authority to do it.  He honestly answered he knew it wasn’t legal to make such an order, but he hoped the legal fight would run out the clock and buy a few more weeks for people who didn’t intend to pay rent.  Landlords were callously gouged until the courts stopped their bleeding. more here