Source: by Rich Welsh

The 2020 election in Georgia was a real mess. The Republican secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, entered into a consent decree with radical leftist Stacey Abrams to change how mail-in ballot signature verification took place. Georgia law says ballot signatures should be matched up to a driver’s license or some other official ID or the voter registration form. The consent decree changed that so that ballot signatures were to be matched up against the mail-in ballot application. In other words, they were to match the forger’s signature in many cases.

What Raffensperger did was 100% unconstitutional, as the US Constitution says that only a state legislature can create election laws. Raffensperger was in the Executive branch. He is done in Georgia politics.

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Among numerous ways of cheating, that consent decree helped a lot of fake ballots get through. Like the other key battleground states, America watched as Donald Trump’s significant lead began to vanish as Democrat-controlled Fulton County started counting the alleged tainted ballots.

Suzi Voyles, a 20+ year precinct manager in Fulton County testified live during a legislature hearing and via affidavit upon penalty of perjury that her precinct alone brought in 147,000 pristine mail-in ballots with only Joe Biden‘s name circled, and there was a distinguishing mark with the pen that appeared on every other Xeroxed ballot. There wasn’t a single fold on any of the ballots, so it makes you wonder how they were mailed if they were never folded to get into a mail-in envelope. The insufferable thing about those 147,000 pristine ballots is that a Georgia judge threw out the lawsuit that included arguments about those ballots and that ruling prevented an outside review of them. Raffensperger’s investigators told the court that they were unable to find any counterfeit ballots. What about those 147,000 Xeroxed ballots? The investigators weren’t really looking all that hard. Helen Keller could have done a better job. The investigation appeared to be nothing more than an act of protection for secretary of state.

So Biden won Georgia and then afterward the nation had to watch as the Democrats stole both Senate seats in a runoff election using the same tactics they did in the general. They declared they had to stop the counting process until the morning. Like in the general election, the Republican observers went home, and some Democrats stayed to count fraudulent ballots overnight when the counting was supposed to be halted.

A year after the greatest con job ever pulled on the American people, Georgia, like most states, has already had enough of President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress. On Thursday, a new poll by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a left-wing rag, revealed that only 1/3 of registered voters approve of Biden’s job performance. Compared to the outlet’s poll in May where Biden sat at 51 percent approval, that’s a drastic decline.

The good news is that on top of Biden’s poll numbers assuming room temperature, the Republican Senate candidate, Herschel Walker, is showing he is in the race to win. When surveyed who they would vote for if the Senate election was held today, 47 percent of Georgians said they would go with the former NFL running back while 44 percent said they would go with the progressive radical Democrat Raphael Warnock.

The most expensive race in the country has all eyes on the seat as Warnock just raised $9.8 million over the last 3 months of 2021 with a $23 million war chest for his reelection efforts. Walker has about $5 million in his campaign bank account, and that should change. Republicans need to support Walker in this important race.

Warnock is a danger to our republic as he has progressive beliefs that go against our way of life. He is a party stooge who supports all the disastrous policies the Democratic Party wants to push, including policies that are geared for the party to remain in power forever. The Constitution be damned.