Source: Jeff M. Lewis

These past few months, we have witnessed a confluence of events in which the grandest hopes and desires of the radical left and Oval Office’s installed occupant have been stymied or faced outright defeat. Their desperation should be clear for all to see, summed up in their desire is to govern against the will of the People, campaign against the People’s majority concerns, and inflict psychological (and, in some cases, physical) abuse against all who dissent from their governance and incompetence. To win anyway, leftists are creating a false sense of panic across America.

At the ignominious one-year anniversary of the current regime, it is essential that We the People look at what they are doing on every issue, every story, and listen carefully to every word of their sustained propaganda campaign for they are responsible for creating a Mass Formation Psychosis and mob mentality.

World-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin was the first to examine the psychological impacts of the global response to the COVID pandemic. An October 6, 2021, article for American Greatness reported his views on how a cabal of billionaire elites is behind a global propaganda campaign to keep us all separated from one another, afraid, then docile and, finally, obedient under their control

Dr. Robert Malone (who was one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine) has spoken out against the way in which vaccines have been employed and distributed. Recently, on Joe Rogan’s show, he discussed Ghent University (Belgium) professor Dr. Mattias Desmet’s hypothesis and studies of Mass Formation Psychosis and governments’ responses to the global COVID pandemic. This resulted in his Twitter account being suspended, while Google searches on the topic apparently crashed their search algorithms.

This informative 13-minute video from Dr. Malone succinctly sums up the Mass Formation theory as applied to America’s COVID reaction:

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What are these eminent doctors revealing that results in social media instantly censoring them? Let’s use their analysis and “connect the dots.”

These doctors’ knowledge of human psychology and their analysis of how Mass Formation Psychosis is being employed are spot-on. Once we understand these basic concepts ourselves, it is not hard to identify and comprehend how the Democrat Party majority in our federal government and each Democrat majority-run state share a strategic vision and are using the same tactics in their attempts to divide, manipulate, and control us, not just with COVID but in everything.

COVID-19 lockdowns and the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

First, Democrats scared the pants off everyone with their faulty, unrealistic models predicting millions of deaths in the United States alone. As the pandemic progressed, the loss of lives and livelihoods, and the ancillary damage to our citizens’ and our nation’s well-being, created intense anxiety that has compounded the loss of a collective belief in what connects us and makes sense in the world. Our fear opens an avenue for leftists to exert their control.

The medical establishment’s and media’s relentless fearmongering have further heightened our sense of doom, as total case numbers are reported without meaningful context. They have insisted upon our complete reliance upon an ineffective “vaccine.” As vaccine-resistant variants arise, they have pivoted to further isolate us from one another by blaming “the unvaccinated.”

Alarmingly, we have forsaken individual freedom and international legal precedent for the false security of getting “jabbed.” Consequently, our sharply focused attention is on who they say are the “villains,” instead of their failure to employ a variety of simple and effective preventatives and therapies that, if used, would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

More than any other issue, the pandemic is the global elites’ springboard to implementing a totalitarian vision of their power and our prevailing misery, to keep us in our place and under their rule.

Image: Panicked man by katemangostar. Freepik license.

“Climate Emergency” and the “Green New Deal”

Can anyone definitively say what the ideal global average temperature is, or should be? Can anyone explain why the most intelligent former president in human history, Barack Obama, has made the tragic mistake of buying waterfront property on an island if, truly, there is an “existential threat” from rising sea levels?

Leftists cannot answer those questions. Why, then, must we accept the premise that we face a “climate emergency,” let alone that it is “man-caused?” We are constantly told we have 10 years, 12 years (whatever) to “save the planet” and ourselves, but all those predictions continue to be wrong. So, the climate change purveyors ignore actual “science” and ignore the data that does not fit their premise and desired outcome, reporting only the modeling that will support the conclusions they want.

Beware the “existential threat” and apocalyptic language that terrify us into demanding a “solution.” Their desire is to enact a Green New Deal and deal a death blow to capitalism, personal freedom, and America’s global economic dominance.

“Voter Suppression” and “Voting Rights”

I spoke with a Christian pastor last year about the 2020 riots and the race-related upheaval, and he told me there are some sensitive topics and issues that are “burned into the psyche” of our African American/black friends and neighbors. Yes, he is black and grew up in the Jim Crow south, so he should know. I will never forget what he said.

The left already knows this and will always use what has been “burned into the psyche” of black Americans for leftist political power and nothing more. Therefore, leftists have falsely claimed Republicans are racist and are intent on “voter suppression,” while their bid to federalize elections is about “voting rights.” Even the phrase “voter suppression” incites an understandably reflexive fear in the black community.

Just last week, as Democrat mid-term election prospects worsened (they are predicted to lose, bigly), teleprompter-Joe is preparing the minds of the nation to cast doubt on election results.

Democrats hate that they must earn our vote, but they never accept the results if they lose. So, they incite fear and a sense of danger, striving to use the slimmest of legislative majorities to enact into law every measure they need to cheat and to stay in power.

“Our Democracy”

The left has made no secret of its strategic desire to overthrow our representative Republic and implement one-party majority rule over the United States. “Our democracy,” they call it. Therefore, the Republican Party is a “danger” to democracy; the filibuster is “racist” and a “threat” to democracy; packing the court is required to “protect” democracy; and our constitutional right to dissent is “disinformation” and a “threat” to democracy.

Remember Ben Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Our Founders knew history and evil men’s unquenchable thirst for power, to rule as our “betters” instead of governing as our equals.


I detest any illegal activity that occurred on January 6, 2021, while acknowledging evidence that government operatives incited such activity. Regardless of cause, all but a relative few were peaceful. Nevertheless, that day will be used against America’s patriots in perpetuity.

It fits the leftists’ scheme and their quest for a one-party totalitarian government to villainize every dissenting voice. Therefore, hundreds have been arrested and imprisoned, violating their constitutional rights. Biden’s inaugural address and first state of the union speech to Congress emphasized a contrived threat of “white supremacy,” and “domestic terrorism.” The leftists’ most trusted “ace in the hole” is the ad hominem attack, calling every opponent a “racist,” “fascist,” or “terrorist.” Their goal is the isolation and silencing of any dissenting voice(s).

The radical Left has no shame, and no concern for us or our futures. It’s about gaining power, then deceiving and demoralizing the electorate by engaging in a sustained psychological warfare campaign that supplants reasoned, rational thought with an unreasonable, irrational, and fearful psychosis.

In all human history, America is a shining gem and worth fighting for! Be unapologetically American and fight back through every respectful and peaceful means possible.